install gns3 di ubuntu

install gns3 di ubuntu

Buka : system >> administration >> synaptic package manager

search file : python-qt4
>> mark installation >> apply

>> open for download software
>> click download link :
>> download archive tar.gz
>> extract gns3 tar.gz
>> go to dynampis blog :
>> download the last dynamips binary for linux : 0.2.8-RC2 binary for Linux x86 platforms
>> move dynamips binary to GNS3 folder
>> change the dynampis permission to allow execute
>> : dynampis bin >> properties >> allow execute program
>> doble click gns3 for run
>> change gns3 preferenses to dynamips binary
preferens >> dynamips >> executeable path >> dinamips bin
>> add ios image to gns3
>> add router and run
>> instalation gns3 is complate..

make your console with ubuntu terminal command :

terminal setting :

gnome-terminal -t %d -e 'telnet %h %p' > /dev/null 2>&1 &

many thanks for :

~ by feryjunaedi on April 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “install gns3 di ubuntu”

  1. COOL

  2. Mantab bro,, nanti lagi gue cobain nich…
    kl gagal tolong mentor gue ya…

    lw suhu gua dahhh

  3. […] ketimbang gns3. Tapi PC gue belum diinstall GNS3,, akang Fery keburu resign sich,, jadinya ga jadi install gns3. Ok tidak usah tunggu lama lagi,, […]

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